Knowing your industry and having a working understanding of keywords to use, is part of a great management system for your business. Although all businesses are not alike. It’s good to have a few tools in your tool bag when getting your business off the ground.

Creating a business plan is very important, and you can find one on the web for free or make one of your own.  Include the name of the company, what your niche is going to be and what your business is going do to set yourself apart from others. Here is a link that can help you with your business plans and has simple steps in using it.{creative}&utm_campaign=static__business_plan__search&u_adgroup=business_plan__b&u_network=o&u_device=c&u_placement={placement}&u_country=us&u_producttype=formswiftdotcom&u_product=business_plan&u_matchtype=p&u_landingpage=2018aa2&u_aceid={aceid}&u_adposition={adposition}&sitelinkid=978709&u_sitelinkid=60967&msclkid=bd8cd75d0b4b16e50f848b80ad33a173

What are your goals going to be when providing a service to your customers? Are you going to allow customers to fill out forms online?  Accept payments? Add social media accounts to link to your website? And remember website traffic, As Google changes in 2019. Social media, blogging content and website authority are only going to be a few things that will help in getting you more traffic to your website. 

What type of tools are you going to need for your industry? There are a few places to go for helpful hints when it comes to optimizing your website., Keyword finder at and to name a few. There are a lot more to search for, even helpful hints to check for your pages speed and connection.  

Getting to know keyword search terms and utilizing them well on your pages, determines how well you website will run, for long term success. For me, every keyword is very important and I check often for new related keyword terms.

The pay per click was once a great idea at the time from who came up with the idea. But now….it can break the bank if you’re not wise with your budget. Monitor your PPC campaign. Be wise in your keyword searches

I will list some helpful hints to save money and time in finding that keyword that is related to the one you really want without hurting the bottom line. For example, I take a keyword that I like and test that keyword to find other words that are close to relation to the real keyword I want to use. Believe me, it works. Below are a couple of sites to check out like Keyword Finder or

Below is a easy step by step in helping with your keyword search by Brian Dean. He explain the east 5 steps in you search for the right keyword.

By Brian Dean of