Across the board, you will find a huge difference in what SEO specialists are charging.  You have lots of choices out there, how do you determine which company is best?

We say you should keep in mind the following questions and tips:

  1. Is the SEO Company located in the USA, or just available to anyone in the USA?  You should hire a team that is in the USA.  When thinking of time zone differences, paying through overseas banks, and different language styles, it is best to hire a company that is local to you.
  2. What credentials do they have?  Have they gone through an SEO program or Google certification? 
  3. Compare the pricing options of each SEO specialist, and know what your budget is.  Do each of the companies you have looked at offer the same services?
  4. Are you having to sign a contract?  Our advice is always to go with an SEO company who does not make you sign a contract.
  5. Do the SEO services they provide, fit the needs of your company?  Are you wanting to focus on just ramping up your social media?  Blogs?  Look for one that offers services that fit your needs.

If you can’t fit $500 a month into your budget for SEO, then you need to search for a company with affordable SEO Prices.  We feel it is not a wise move to spend beyond your budget, especially if you are facing a shortage of clients.  Yes, the rule of thumb is you have to spend money to make money, but there is a smarter way to do that.  Find a company who is within your price range!

Here at Simplified Solution SEO, we tailor our SEO packages for small business.