You start the website, get the email address, the business cards, and are eager for the calls to roll in.  But what happens if the phone doesn’t ring in the first 90 days?

Experts will tell you not to panic, but its time to really look at where things are at.

Have you posted business cards, announcements and flyers in your city?
Depending on what type of business you have begun, it can be crucial for brick and mortar businesses to let the City know your grand opening info.  If you offer local services, not only can you post flyers, but you can also leave business cards at Starbucks, the library, and post announcements on Craigslist.  And guess what? These are free to do!

Facebook ads can be expensive, but if you can find a coupon code for it, they usually offer $50 to $100 in free advertising if you spend the same.  Once that ends, you can set up a budget for a lower cost ad.  But have you thought of just having friends and family share your business page to their other friends?  You know how fast things fly on Facebook!

Yelp…..a lot of people have a love hate relationship with Yelp.  It can break you if you have low scoring reviews, but if people like what you have to offer, it is great free advertising.  You can start off by asking friends to review your business, products, or services, which will start your Yelp page.  Post your address, photos, office hours, and website information so if anyone wants to find you, they will!

Instagram is great for posting updates about your products or services, blog posts, pictures, and shares.  It is free, gains new followers quickly, and it’s a way for you to keep in front of your visitors!

How do you feel about blogging?  If you are in an industry that others rely on your expertise, it is a really good tool to start posting blogs!  You also can comment on blogs, or ask to be a guest writer.  Be sure to tag your website address!

Submit directory listings, and do these frequently. 

Website overhaul…. Ok to you, your website is fantastic.  But if you did it yourself, or had one made on a very small budget where extras were not included, chances are it could use some tweaking.  Do you have keywords on your page?  Do you have tags on your pictures?  Do you have Meta info for your website?  What is the page load time? Do you have links to your site, or backlinks?

Have you had a SEO audit performed on your website?  This is a quick way to check how your website is performing on the web, to gauge where you could use some tweaking.

By Andrea Phillips