Custom Website Design Services for a Professional Online Presence

If you want to make a mark in this increasingly competitive online business landscape of today, you need your website optimized for lead conversions.

This is where our website design services prove invaluable. Using professional copy, high res images, title tags, meta tags, optimized keywords, long-tail keywords and other critical elements, we can create websites that not only wow visitors but which can also give you a steady stream of income.

In the hands of experts, WordPress is an entirely customizable platform that works for nearly any kind of website. Plus, only a skilled web designer can create a website from scratch that can stun users and make them keep coming back for more.

Unfortunately, in our experience most business owners and especially solo-preneurs waste money on cookie cutter DIY programs that lack solid content, title tags, meta tags, keywords, long-tail keywords and offer no creative freedom at all.

The result? Little to no site visits, depleting sales and payments to a monthly service that is doing more harm than good for their online presence.  Using the creative freedom the platform offers and useful plugins, our experienced website designers can put together a site that is not only attractive but which search engines cannot resist either.


Create Website Design Services that deliver

Just because a website has been developed at an affordable price doesn’t mean it should not perform optimally.

At Simplified Solution SEO, each website is tailor-made according to our clients’ specifications and vision. Of course, this doesn’t mean we take our hands off the wheel completely.

Using your requirements as a springboard, we offer suggestions that can make your website impactful and user friendly at the same time.

We encourage you to consult with our design experts who’ll guide you on the best possible solutions that can improve site visibility, optimize it for high user engagement and other ideas that can make your competitor’s site pale in comparison.

The initial consultation helps our team to hash out details, determine your needs, and ultimately create a website that can reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

Don’t believe us? You will see the results first hand in the monthly reports we send. Several elements of web design influence how you publish content which also influences how search engine spiders crawl and index it.

So if your site code is not SEO friendly you’ll be struggling for visibility from the start. We verify each line of code on your site to ensure it not only performs as intended but is also secure from threats.

Affordable Web Design Packages for Small Businesses in mind

Additionally, all of our clients are kept in the loop regarding to backend operations via unlimited email support and updates. Whether you choose our most reasonable or elite packages, we maintain this standard to ensure you get a website that loads quickly, is easy to browse and can enjoy a higher search engine ranking.

Choose a package that best fits your needs and budget; then, allow us to do the rest. Consider it as a long term investment that can give you consistent traffic for sales numbers which can keep your business relevant online. 

Rather than doing it yourself, entrust your website design to our team that will know exactly what your visitors expect from your site and business.

Client Portfolio

Website Design Prices
Basic WordPress Website
$ 200
Per Website
  • 3 Page Responsive Website Design
  • Mobile Responsive Website Design
  • Engaging Front Landing page
  • Responsive Contact Page
  • Site Submission to Google & Bing
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Website SEO Optimization
  • 3 Revisions for changes
  • On & Off page SEO
  • Client provides logo design, photos, content & hosting for website
On Sale
Standard WordPress Website
$ 599
Per Website
  • 5 page Responsive Website Designs
  • Mobile Responsive Website Designs
  • Website content engages your audience
  • Responsive and optimized images
  • More pages slightly higher in cost
  • Optimized Coding if needed
  • Site Submission to Google & Bing
  • Meta tag analytics
  • On & Off page SEO
  • Unlimited design revisions
Front-end maintenance for wordpress websites
$ 50
Per Hour
  • Need to freshen up your website?
  • Does your website need upgraded?
  • Wordpress websites only
  • Custom content (small charge will apply for each page that needs to be redone)
  • Email support
  • Free Estimates
  • Please pay for the first hour below
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