I want to tell you about what sets our company apart. Simplified Solution SEO was started on the idea of serving clients that needed assistance in improving their search engine visibility, gain higher rankings online, and increase their customer traffic, without breaking the bank. Our marketing tasks are performed within 3 affordable tiers, to suit all budgets, but especially, small business budgets. You may be paying for low cost SEO, but you always receive the best customer service we have to offer. We send out progress reports of how your website is performing, and most clients see changes starting within 3 months. You don’t need to pay $800 a month for SEO packages, and some are from a large company located out of country.

Our motto is “Let our business help your business!”
We stand by that.  Helping your business means we are available by phone, email, and skype. We are local in the USA, so you are speaking to someone who understands your needs. We are here to help you in succeeding, so your business grows, and so does your bottom line.