My wife would be the first one to tell you, “You need to work for yourself!”…….she mentions this to anyone who tells her they have fallen out of love with a job, anyone who mentions to her they are unemployed, and she even gives a great speech to them about her journey, when a woman would tell her they don’t know what they want to do with their life.  My wife would be the work-for-yourself cheerleader go to person. 

We weren’t together during this time, but for 10 years she owned her own pet sitting company, built by herself, from the ground up.

In her early days, she had to figure out how she wanted to do her accounting, client record keeping, set up her website, pricing structure, and then advertising.  Everything else was easy, but she struggled with advertising.

Google has changed a lot over the years, and then just when you think they are satisfied, they are already in the works of changing algorithms again.
When my wife first started her company, it was all about keyword stuffing.  Get as many keywords on that page as humanly possible.

Now it’s more about robot.txt files, Meta tags, the right keywords use for pay-per-click campaigns, page linking to complementary sites, and your fall back was always handing out business cards and a yellow pages ad. Seobook has a great robot.txt generator to assist in these efforts. Somewhere along the way, Andrea got stuck, in the advertising black hole.  She had no idea what a robot.txt file was, and the google ad that she created was just sucking money from her without producing client calls.  She was so frustrated, she went to what she knew….handing out business cards, and getting a small ad in the local paper.  She also started reaching out to anyone who had written a blog post on keywords, or Meta tags, or anything that had to do with how to do SEO yourself. A man named Michael was the only one who would talk to her since she usually led her conversations with “Hi, I am Andrea and I’m trying to get my business going and I don’t have any income yet but I need your help.” She says you would be amazed at how many doors that speech would be closed.  But Michael was willing to give a few pointers, and although he wasn’t willing to do the work for her for free, he did look over her website, and her Google ad and she followed his advice to the changes.  It was enough to get the phone ringing a few times a month.  It made some difference.  But not a huge difference in the phone calls.

What if she had been able to hire Michael?

He would have fixed her Google campaigns so they were working for her.  He would have started to generate blogs with relevant content and would have her commenting on other blogs.  He would have added analytics to her site, use the Google console to crawl the website, cleaned up her keywords on her webpages, and added Metadata.  He also would have given her a robot.txt file and upon running some diagnostics, he would have surely seen she didn’t have herself listed on any directories.  Andrea wasn’t out there.  If you searched for her business on the web, she just didn’t exist yet.  Michael could have quickly made substantial changes to that so that she would begin to see results……